Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps in Play Store for Android

The internet has made our lives so much easier. Technology is offering more and more helpful tools for us to do what we don’t normally have the time for, which for most people includes keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. We now have access to messaging apps that include: free phone calls, video calls, international communication, and the list goes on and on!


best messenger apps for android

Having a smartphone or tablet has become one of life’s necessities. And among all the tasks we can do with these devices, instant messaging is one of the most popular. No Android user hasn’t got at least one, two, three, or even more instant messaging apps installed on their smartphone! Even my mom, an avowed technophobe, has WhatsApp. But which messaging apps are the best? I’ll tell you briefly about the top 10 FREE instant messaging apps for Android devices.

Best messenger apps for Android

WhatsApp – Free

WhatsApp is the No.1 app all around the world. It’s my personal favorite and the most used app on my phone. It’s got tons of features that made it overcome most of the other apps in its category: text messages, group chats, image, video and audio files, sending PDFs, free phone calls and an encryption system to guarantee secure conversations. Plus, you can use it on both your smartphone and PC!

Hangouts – Free

Previously known as Google Talk. A quick, easy and nice messaging app that you can use from any of your devices: phone, tablet, or PC. Hangouts offers group chatting, video and audio calls, and sending images and videos. This is my preferred app for video chats.

Facebook Messenger – Free

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest Facebook Messenger fan. I don’t like being forced to use a separate app for messaging, which is why I use Facebook Lite. But it is still one of the best, and the most popular in the US. With the new updates, FB Messenger has become a very unique messaging experience. Lots of features, beautiful interface, lovely emoticons and stickers, clear audio calls and more features that I was really surprised to learn about.

Skype – Free

Skype is one of the biggest, most well-known messaging apps in the world. It offers secure chatting, video and audio calls, and sharing different kinds of files. Recently, Skype was redesigned for Android devices and it’s even better now.

IM+ – Free

Like any other messenger app, IM+ offers all the features you need to have in such apps. Plus, IM+ allows you to chat with people on other social networks, such as Facebook, Google Talk/Hangouts, AIM, Jabber and more. It’s possibly the best all-in-one messenger app for Android.

Kik Messenger – Free

This app is really fast and fluid, and it looks nice. And like all the top messengers, Kik offers all the features you may need to enjoy a nice conversation and messaging service. Most people use it for trading pictures.

eBuddy Messenger – Free

eBuddy messenger looks a little old fashioned, but it does a good job. You can chat with your friends on MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Yahoo, Hangouts, ICQ, AIM, and others all at the same time. That’s a lot of services! Talk about a streamlined messaging experience. And that’s not even half of the features for this app. eBuddy is another great all-in-one app.

Nimbuzz – Free

Nimbuzz is one of the first messaging apps. It offers free voice calls with high quality sound, free messaging, group chat, chatrooms, push notifications and much more.

Palringo Group Messaging – Free & Premium

Parlingo features group chatting, voice messages, picture messages, and so much more. There are free and premium versions. As usual, the premium version offers many more features.

Textplus – Free

Textplus is an old app in the messenger world. It offers you a number that is separate from your phone number, and anyone can text it. This makes it possible for you to receive texts from older devices (not just smartphones).

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