Should Google Buy the Social Network Twitter? Reasons For and Against

Google seems the most likely candidate to buy Twitter. But is it a good idea?


Do you like Google? I think 80% of the readers will answer YES; 80% happens to be the percentage of Google’s share in the global search engine market! This huge number makes us ask ourselves: How do you think they got 80% of web searches globally? I think it’s their ability to put the most relevant subjects and articles at the top of the results for any search! The first thing most people do to find any kind of information is to look it up in Google. Hence why the word itself has become a verb synonymous with “online search”.


Twitter, a revolution in the world of information

But our information sources are constantly changing. Just a few years ago, people around the world had another place to get fast and trusted information. Twitter became the place where people would go for information about news, events, etc. Straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say. This new revolution made a big shift in people’s sources of information; the new model threatened Google, and Twitter refused to be sold to Facebook for $500 million. They wouldn’t even take $1 billion!

But nowadays, Twitter isn’t really doing well. It’s actually in a critical condition, as the number of users only increased by a tiny 15% last year. Their revenues reached $502 million but with only $49 million net revenue (profit). So, Twitter is facing a big threat having so little growth in the number of users and their activities.

This deceleration is unjustifiable; that is, Twitter only has 316 million active users per month, compared to Facebook which is 5 times bigger (with over 800 million active users per month just counting mobile only), WhatsApp which has 700 million, and other new applications that have more users than Twitter’s tiny platform.

Finding solutions?

Ad improvement and other advertiser’s privileges are not enough to solve this problem in Twitter. Advertisers always look for platforms with higher growth rates and better odds to reach as many people as possible to target with their products and services. The solution is to make the number of users high enough by making it a necessity in people’s lives; basically, it needs to catch up with other competitive platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Obviously, this is what investors really seek, and they are absolutely right in doing so.

should google buy twitter

It may look like mission impossible. The current management at Twitter is still stuck in administrative disputes. Employees hope to regain their faith in the institution, and that requires solving the executive manager issue. Furthermore, investors hope to have new management who will be able to save the platform and the whole institution. It could be a little hard to achieve, at least before the end of the year, but there are high probabilities that Twitter will be sold; the biggest contender, and where I’d put my money, would be Google.

Google is the best candidate to buy Twitter

There is a unanimity that Google will be the best candidate to buy Twitter. After all, Google is about to finish the failing social network Google+. The next few months will be decisive, and Google will probably announce the failure of this project and take on Twitter instead.

Twitter’s value in the market has reached $17 billion, and Google is willing to pay up to $35 billion if they reach an agreement. This will be a great solution for Google in the social network world; they have a unique ability to increase the number of Twitter users through ad campaigns that will run over the sites that depend on its search engine and ad publishing.

Basically, this seems like a win-win scenario. Twitter would get a much needed boost from arguably the biggest tech super power today. Google, meanwhile, would have another shot at succeeding in social media, where it has yet to make a significant impact. 😉

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