Facebook Reaches 1.654 Billion Users: The Success Behind Those Numbers

Yes, that’s billion with a “b”. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Or hasn’t heard about the famous Mark Zuckerberg? Have you ever wondered how he achieved this glorious success? Or have you ever wondered how Facebook became the top social network in such a short time?



How did Facebook reach such success?

Lots of articles have been written to explain how Mark Zuckerberg and the team at Facebook work. They all talk about the ideas of “Move fast”, or “Keep it simple”. “Figure out what will kill you… and make sure it doesn’t”. “Make your primary focus the product, not the business”. “Get really good at hiring… and really good at firing”, “Maintain control”, etc. But in this post, we’ll discuss some other ideas about the success of the Social Network. I hope it will be interesting for you.

1.65 billion is Facebook’s population!

Dear reader, whether you like Facebook or not, use it or ignore it, we are here to discuss a story of indisputable success, in both personal terms and financial revenues.

In only 12 years, the site has reached over 1.65 billion users. Thus, it could be considered the most populated country in the world! (China has a mere 1.35 billion). Moreover, the other apps that are connected to Facebook have made it even more popular. We’re taking about 1 billion users for WhatsApp, 900 million users for FB Messenger, and 400 million users for Instagram! All these people with their information, data and interests are within the hands of Facebook administration. What a success to connect all these billions of people to your products and services!

Saying that the company made 195% of revenue in one year, means a crazy and confusing increasing rate that, for sure, deserves appreciation. Also, anyone looking to start a business might consider studying Facebook’s success story.

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More reasons behind their success

  • The great effort the developers and support teams make to improve the apps and products of Facebook. They are constantly launching new updates to add more functionality to these apps and make it a really unique experience.
  • The wide range of freedom FB offers to its users. I’d even say this is the best quality of Facebook. Of course, subsequent social media sites have duplicated this feature. You are free to say whatever you want. Any member can suggest, criticize or discuss anything at all with no fear of being banned or deleted, unlike blogs that impose limits and restrictions.
  • Facebook never sleeps. The global network has constant activity 24/7. It has members from all over the world, all the languages, nationalities, and cultures from anywhere you may think of. There is always this activity of reactions, likes, comments, sharing, etc. This was something that no other site, social network or blog ever had before.
  • No permanent banning. Other blogs block the user’s IP, so it is impossible to be part of it again. Facebook is more flexible; creating a new account always remains possible.
  • All members are equal. No privileged, golden or premium members; all users are the same for Facebook.
  • The constant admiration of whatever you do on your wall/timeline. Whatever you post or discuss on FB – jokes, discussions, politics, memes, etc. – you’re bound to get a “LIKE”. The exhilaration of social approval can actually be quite addictive!
  • On Facebook, you’re the star! You’ll be surrounded by friends, followers or even fans, and it’s always time for jokes and fun. Everyone is welcome to this celebration of human interaction.

Think we’ll see Facebook break 2 billion anytime soon? 😉