Exploring the Success of Minecraft, a Game Based on Blocks

minecraft-logoOver 14.7 million people have purchased and played Minecraft. The Swedish game started as a video game for PC, then Play Station and Xbox.


Finally, it was converted into a mobile game for millions of users to enjoy. It has become one of the most popular games recently.And surprisingly, the fact that Minecraft hasn’t got any advertising budget whatsoever never stopped its success.

People continue downloading and trying this game nonstop. Even though it looks like a Nintendo game from the mid-90s, they spend hours building, discovering and fighting for survival in the Minecraft world.

Minecraft is an experience worth sharing

Remarkably, the game has no marketing budget at all, yet, it had a global breakout success. And the success keeps growing; it’s mind blowing that Minecraft is able to draw in a daily $300,000 in downloads.

More than 14 million users have purchased Minecraft. The success comes from the fact that Minecraft is a product that excites more users day by day. With no budget for advertising, no special in-app purchases, no fancy graphics, and no feature length film tie-in, the user’s experience would be the only thing that would ever drive Minecraft sales. It’s a good thing to know that it is possible for a good product to stand on its own in this modern age of analytics, customer data tracking, and targeted marketing. Offering what the customers really want is the first responsibility of any business.

This doesn’t mean that this product has to be completely new. Yet, it is important that it has some unique qualities that makes it stand out other competitors, have a killer feature or an unusual experience that makes the user spend more time with it and want to share it with others. This is the key to Minecraft’s success !!

Minecraft sales success

Although the game looks very simple, in essence, it is actually quite complex. It teaches us that any successful thing should be widely accessible.

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The game actually allows the player to choose their own level of immersion; the more the player gets involved, the more difficult the game becomes. You can choose to create your own weapons to fight monsters, or continue building your realm bit by bit peacefully. It’s your choice. This means that, no matter what skills or interests you may have, Minecraft is always accessible and fun to play.


Generally, any business must strive to make their products accessible to every user. The website of a company has to be efficient, offering quick information and direct assistance any visitor may need. The company-client interaction should be simple communication to keep their customers satisfied and never let them feel the need to go anywhere else. This is another key area in which Minecraft is successful. But of course, the foundation is the product itself; great customer service is pointless if the product isn’t something the customers want.

Minecraft around the world

What Minecraft does, in essence, is take the players from their daily lives and plunge them into their own virtual world. So, how ever could this game ever get old, with its huge $100 million budget, and tons of groundbreaking new features! In Minecraft, the world belongs to the player in a way no other games have, no matter how beautiful and complex the competition might be. Minecraft players can craft and customize their experience, and mold their own special universes as they desire. The possibilities are limited only by each player’s creativity.

What can we learn from Minecraft’s incredible success? As the customers’ freedom to create their own destiny in a product increases, the business will be rewarded for their efforts.