Differences Between Play Store and Aptoide

Not sure about Aptoide? You can learn all about the differences between Play Store and Aptoide and even download this alternative app marketplace right here.


Recently, competition in the world of smartphones has been pretty cutthroat. Android has about 80% of the market share, being the most-used operating systems, with Apple’s iOS right after.

A virtually unlimited number of Android applications are created and launched on the huge Android marketplace. As you already know, Google Play Store is the official and favorite market for downloading apps for Android phones and tablets; however, there are various independent markets as well online. One of the most famous and oldest of these markets is Aptoide.


There’s no doubt that Google Play Store is the biggest Android market; it includes apps of all kinds, powerful utility apps, games, music, media, and so on. But recently, Aptoide has become an enormous competitor for Play Store. Yes, this is reasonable and justifiable. Let’s compare the two markets, look at the main differences between Play Store and Aptoide, and see which one is the best for you.

Google Play Store vs. Aptoide

The first difference between Play Store and Aptoide is that Google only hosts limited apps, while you can find a limitless number of apps on Aptoide. This includes those which are not available on Google Play (e.g. WhatsApp Plus).

Perhaps the most interesting difference for users is that Google hosts free and paid apps, while you can find them all for free in Aptoide. Google Play Store doesn’t allow reverting to an app’s previous version, while in Aptoide, you certainly can. You can’t setup your own individualized Play Store marketplace. In Aptoide, you can set it up and showcase your apps.

Play Store isn’t available in some restricted countries, such as in China. But Aptoide is available everywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection.


Google is, in fact, centralized to one place. Aptoide on the other hand is open source. It is a distributed market rather than a centralized store. It’s essentially a collection of various markets and each user gets to manage their own store.

Which is better, Play Store or Aptoide?

Looking at the differences between Play Store and Aptoide, it looks like Aptoide is much better than Google Play Store. Aptoide has numerous advantages over Play Store: it has many applications that Google Play doesn’t, and there are no geographic restrictions. The quality of the applications is exceptional at Aptoide, the same as at Google’s official store. Aptoide’s repositories, the places where the applications are stored, are mostly the same ones of the developers who designed the apps. This is more or less a guarantee for getting errors corrected. It also maintains a connection between users and developers to expose new and interesting projects and users’ suggestions.

Safety is one of the best qualities of both Aptoide and Google Play Store. You can download any app feeling safe because these two markets guarantee that all their apps work properly and function very well. Aptoide lets you decide how and when to update your apps, unlike Play Store that only allows you to turn on/off the automatic updates.

The only disadvantage I have found about Aptoide is that you have to search for repositories to access the apps. This can be a little difficult for some users before learning how to deal with Aptoide. Plus, there is a chance that some of the repositories may have security issues. This makes Play Store the leader in this domain.

Using Aptoide doesn’t require rooting your Android device, and you can use both Play Store and Aptoide at the same time. However, if you want to uninstall Play Store and use Aptoide exclusively, that will require root access. 🙂

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