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Should Google Buy the Social Network Twitter? Reasons For and Against

Google seems the most likely candidate to buy Twitter. But is it a good idea? Do you like Google? I think 80% of the readers will answer YES; 80% happens to be the percentage of Google’s share in the global

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Facebook Reaches 1.654 Billion Users: The Success Behind Those Numbers

Yes, that’s billion with a “b”. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Or hasn’t heard about the famous Mark Zuckerberg? Have you ever wondered how he achieved this glorious success? Or have you ever wondered how Facebook became the top

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Exploring the Success of Minecraft, a Game Based on Blocks

Over 14.7 million people have purchased and played Minecraft. The Swedish game started as a video game for PC, then Play Station and Xbox. Finally, it was converted into a mobile game for millions of users to enjoy. It has

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Differences Between Play Store and Aptoide

Not sure about Aptoide? You can learn all about the differences between Play Store and Aptoide and even download this alternative app marketplace right here. Recently, competition in the world of smartphones has been pretty cutthroat. Android has about 80%

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Play Store vs. App Store

In the digital world, there are two prominent stores for apps and digital content: Android’s Google Play Store, and the iOS/Apple App Store. Both of them may look the same, but in fact, each of them works a bit differently.

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Top 10 Best Play Store Applications for Android

Android smartphones and tablets have become very handy these days. They help us with countless aspects of our life, for fun, entertainment or even for work. But looking for the best apps to help with those tasks can take up

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